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United States


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Seidokan Aikido of Point Reyes
Class meets Tuesday nights at 6:15 in the Dance Palace at Point Reyes Station CA, in West Marin County, north of San Francisco.
Chief Instructor: Bruce Fox

***Victory Dojo Seidokan Aikido
18411 Victory Blvd
Reseda, CA 91335
818 772-4311
Chief Instructors: Sal and Aurora Hernandez


Aikido Institute of Michigan

***Seiwa Dojo (Aikido Institute of Michigan)
551 E. Michigan
Battle Creek, MI 49014
269 965-5500
Dr. Mark and Janean Crapo

***Southside Dojo (Aikido Institute of Michigan)
8534 Portage Rd.
Portage, MI 49002
(269) 385-0111

St. Mary's Lake Dojo
A Forever Recovery
Battle Creek, MI
Chief Instructor: Clyde Morgan
Classes closed to the public

North Carolina

***Wake Forest University (WFU) Aikido Club

Senior Instructor/Sensei: Jarrod Whitaker (

President: Gavin Borg (

Vice President: Chris Garcia (

Treasurer: Mikal Drye (

Days: Tues (7:00-8:00)/Thurs (6:30-8:00)/Sun (1:30-3:00)

South Carolina

Seidokan Aikido of South Carolina
Chief Instructor: Doug Wedell (

Columbia Dojo
Location: 604 Meeting Street West Columbia, SC 292169
Days: Monday (7:30-9:30)/ Wednesday (7:30-9:30)/Friday (6:00-7:30)

USC Club
Location: Strom Thurmond Center- Martial Arts Room
Days: Monday (4:30-6:30)/ Wednesday (4:30-6:30)/Friday (4:00-6:30)*
Officer's Email:
*The USC club runs during Fall and Spring Semester.*


*** New dojo!!!!***

Steiner Ranch Aikido
Austin, TX 78732
512 538-8457
Instructor: Russ Robinson
Classes: Mon, Wed 8:30-9:30

UT Aikido Club

Founded in 1972, the U.T. Aikido Club is the oldest aikido school in Austin. The club is led by 4th-degree black belts Dan Hamilton and Brent Danninger, with assistance from Steve McAdam (7th Dan) and five other yudansha.
Class Times
The UT Aikido Club holds classes on the campus at 904 Bellmont at the following times while the University of Texas at Austin is in session; visit the website below for times between academic sessions and updates on activities.
Beginning Class: Tuesday & Thursday 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM.
Intermediate/Advanced Class: Tuesday & Thursday 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM and Sunday 12:30 PM to 2:00 PM.
Learn more at:
E-mail for more details:


***Jerusalem Aikido at Mt. Scopus

Chaim Noy:;
Mobile: 0507605969

Shalomi Sagiv:
Mobile: 0522255735

The Dojo is adjacent to the Mt. Scopus campus of the hebrew university, next to the Haddasa Hospital, and right next to the Hyatt Regency Hotel. Continue on the road of the Hyatt Regency Hotel away from the Hebrew University, turn right next to the Fallafel stand, into the Edelson Dormitory.

Class Schedule:
Sunday, 20:30-21:30, 21:30-22:30 (Advanced class)
Tuesday, 18:30-19:45 (Weapons class), 19:45-20:30
Friday, 09:15-10:45

General info about the Dojo:
Mt. Scopus Dojo is probably the first Aikido dojo established in Israel. The Dojo's tradition begun in 1979, by Robin, J, Heifetz, from Seidokan Hombu Dojo (Headquarters) in LA. Heifetz Sensei, who then held the rank of Nidan (Second Degree black belt), had made Aliah (immigration to Israel), and lived in the near by neighborhood of the French Hill. Heifetz Sensei began teaching musicology at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem. Among some, he was known as the Three Ms person: first, he was a Martial Artist; then, he was also a Musician and composer, holding a PhD in musicology (digital and experimental); lastly—the third M—Heifetz Sensei was a certified Magician, member of the American Magicians Association. After a period of some six years, during which Heifetz Sensei established a vibrant dojo at the Mt. Scopus campus, with many devoted practitioners, Heifetz Sensei left back to the USA. He later returned for two short seminars.

The dojo was later headed by Ron Havilio Sensei, and later by Naftali Shimron Sensei. Since 2002 it is headed by Chaim Noy Sensei.

At our dojo we train in the Seidokan Aikido style, which emphasizes soft, safe and smaller movements, and this results in round and powerful motion and blending (Aiki). Training is done in a friendly environment, while understanding that the knowledge and techniques of the dojo are shared among the whole community, and are not solely owned by the teachers. The aim is to create conditions of mutual acknowledgement and respect, which are at the heart of the art we practice.


Seidokan Aikido of Tokyo
Garden Hill 307
3-3-7 Azusawa
Itabashi-ku, Tokyo 174-0051

The Dojo
Seidokan Aikido of Tokyo was founded in 1995 as an official dojo of Seidokan Aikido, affiliated with the Aikido Institute of America in Los Angeles, California. Our aim is to promote the understanding and application of aikido principles through regular practice in the dojo. Students can learn a modern style of aikido in an international environment. The class is taught in English and led by Chris Koprowski, 5th Dan, Seidokan Aikido.

Sensei Bio
Chris Sensei is from Duluth, Minnesota in the United States. He studied Tang Soo Do karate for two years before beginning his study of aikido in 1989. His primary aikido instructors have been Dale B. Bergeron Sensei and Frank Guldbrandsen Sensei, both of Northern Lights Aikido. Chris has been working and practicing aikido in Tokyo since 1993, and has been teaching Seidokan Aikido since 1994. He currently holds the rank of godan (5th degree black belt) and is a certified "shidoin" (instructor) in Seidokan Aikido.

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